True Helix mobile app.

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True Helix Mobile App

Easily pick up shifts, view your work calendar, and even clock in and out whether online or offline with our app-to-app self scheduling!



Easily apply for the positions you want to work.

Onboarding (Testing & Credentialing)

Onboarding (Testing & Credentialing)

Easily onboard with streamlined testing and credentialing.


App-to-App Self Scheduling

Schedule your own shifts on your own time and keep track of them inside of the app.

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MSP/VMS Platform

We offer an all-in-one platform to automate staffing solutions and vendor needs.

Clock In and Out

Clock In And Out

Clock in and out whether online or offline and use geofencing to record your shifts.

Payroll and Billing

Payroll And Billing

Easily manage payroll and billing through the app to ensure you're paid on time.